Attractive programs, Faculty of Science and Technology, and Faculty of the Social Sciences and Humanities.
The college offers undergraduate degrees in 15 departments at the two faculties.:

Faculty of Science and Technology: B.Sc. in biotechnology, life sciences, environmental science, food science, and computer science

Faculty of the Social Sciences and Humanities

B.A. in  East Asia studies, economics and management, human services, psychology, social work, education, and multidisciplinary studies.

The college also offers eight special graduate programs: nutritional studies (research or academic program), biotechnology  (research or academic program), water science (research or academic program),  Galilee studies, drama therapy, social work, educational  psychology, and education.

Tel Hai is the only college in Israel that offers two graduate research programs
Full-time or part-time workers are invited to study in special joint under-graduate programs in a range of subjects, such as the economics and management program.
Advanced computer rooms, sophisticated laboratories, a rich library, and nearby comfortable dormitories support the educational environment.